Are you down for a challenge?


So Larry Greenhouse and I just completed Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix but until my next Challenge group, we decided to take some of our favorite workouts from two of our Beachbody dvd’s this week! Insanity?? Oh, no, wait…that’s another workout all together!
So here’s what we put together for one another–
Monday P90X3*** CVX
Tuesday 21 Day Fix *** Total Body Cardio
Wednesday P90X3 *** Triometrics (are your legs screaming yet?? Mine are–for real!!)
Thursday 21 Day Fix *** Upper Body
Friday P90X3 *** Yoga–yeah, a lil recovery here but get ready!!! Saturday’s a B**ch!!!
Wait for it!!!!……………Saturday 21 Day Fix *** Plyo!! BOOM!!!
Share your favorite Beachbody workouts with me and if ya want, I’ll put together a killer routine!!!
Challenge yourself today and prove you can do it!!

31 thoughts on “Are you down for a challenge?”

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