Never An Impossibility!


I know I can feel this way sometimes. I decide to start a project and am really excited about it only to talk myself completely out of doing it in a matter of minutes because it’s

going to be way too hard, or take longer than I realize, or god forbid, it might take me out of my comfort zone.

So it doesn’t get done. Heck, I never even allowed myself to start and then surprise, surprise! Guilt and a sense of failure seep in.

But the other day I thought, why am I stopping myself? So what if I am challenged? So what if reaching that place I want to get to takes time and so what if I’m forced out of my safe, boring comfort zone? If I don’t at least push myself to TRY then the only person I’m failing is ME. Well that doesn’t sound very nice, does it?

And so I started. I began writing again and sharing my words in a blog. Words don’t always come so easily but that’s ok, the challenge is feeling good. And although I’m still in the process of creating that perfect blog template masterpiece, I’ve got time. Pushing the Publish icon still makes me uncomfortable but am better every time I do because it’s ok if no one likes what I have to say. I’m doing it for ME and it feels good!! And I’m getting it DONE!!!

Now I know we’ve all felt this way when it comes to exercising. How do I make the time? I’ll never reach my goals because it’s too challenging, and man, I hate sweating and gasping for breath! It’s way too uncomfortable!

But we need to exercise. We need it to reap its benefits of keeping healthy, making our bodies AND hearts stronger and feeling good!!! We do it to prove to ourselves that we can. We must make the time for US, we must challenge ourselves because VICTORY feels damn good and we must push through the sweat, the labored breathing, any moments of discomfort because we CAN DO IT!!

So when you think you can’t start that exercise program because you might fail, it will take up time and make you feel uncomfortable, just remember—it may seem impossible at first but you can do it! Once you start for YOU and keep pushing forward, and when you reach that goal that seemed so unattainable, you will look back and think, “I did it!!! I got it done!” Nothing is ever impossible! And when you feel like quitting—remember why YOU started!


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