What Happens in that Drawer??


This is my Italian Greyhound’s harness.  Don’t judge him on his selection of NFL football teams. Might not be your choice of teams, but I assure you he’s devoted and never misses a game and he truly is one of the most awesome dogs you’ll ever meet! 🙂
But I’m not here to talk football to you — not today anyway — I am here to ask the question — when I put his harness into the drawer, how in the hell does it get twisted to the point that my little brain cannot unwind it to its proper position?  What happens in that drawer? Playful gremlins? What?

I tried everything — I started by putting it on Poe then forcing him to stand perfectly still while I fumed aloud and got no where.  Off it came and away Poe ran to the safety of a nearby room. <I did see him peer around the corner shortly after but then disappear again.>  So I found another harness to use as a pattern in hopes of it instructing me on the error of my ways.  Nope.  Nothing.  Still twisted, still outwitting me, still frustrated!

Ok, the thing’s just broken.  Forever twisted.  The powers above have way too much time on their hands and have beaten me down.  You win.  Who cares? Ok whatever.  We won’t go on a walk!  I’ll chase Poe around the house while growling at him for today’s exercise! I throw the damn stupid, twisted harness to the damn living room floor in hopes my hubby stumbles upon it, gives it a quick look and “tada!!!” The harness isn’t twisted anymore!!  YAY we can go on a walk tomorrow Poe!!!  Mama won’t be pissed, frustrated and yelling!!!  Daddy saves the day!!!

But God help me if I open that drawer tomorrow and that damn harness is twisted……you will hear me scream!

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