What’s all this hype about having a Beachbody Coach anyway?

21 day fix T25

Have you ever seen the late night infomercials for exercise programs such as P90X, P90X3, Insanity, T25, Brazil Butt Lift, 21 Day Fix, and several others? Or do you know of someone who is getting great results from one of these programs? These workouts are created by a company called Beachbody.

Not only do they produce exercise videos, but they have also created a 3 Day Refresh to help you break the cycle of bad eating and get a jump start on healthy weight loss as well as supplements such as the meal replacement shake, Shakeology that aids with weight loss and increases healthy living. Beachbody’s mission statement is to End the trend of obesity and help people live healthy and fulfilling lives.”

A Beachbody Coach is someone like me 🙂 who has joined forces with this company as an independent representative.  I am thrilled to be that Coach.  Coming from a personal training background, I am able to match you to the right exercise and proper eating programs  so you reach your personal goals.   And I can say that Beachbody products work! I have seen the results personally with both the exercise programs and drinking Shakeology.

When you make a purchase through my website, you will get me as your FREE personal Coach; your constant support and fan.   Accountability is SO important because very few people reach their goals alone . Having someone to go to for that ever important support makes all the difference.  Without some source of accountability, chances are you won’t reach your goals. It may not be an easy road, but it will be worth it!! And having someone to answer to, to come to and who wants you to reach your goals and SUCCEED is why I am here.

Having me as your Coach, you will be invited into a private Facebook Challenge Group where you will be united with women <I do offer separate men’s groups as well> –taking charge of their health, working towards their ultimate goal but who need that big PUSH and accountability. The purpose of the group is to encourage one another, keep everyone accountable, motivated, and make it a fun experience! I am an active participator and I am there to answer any questions, keep you focused and on track as well as offering tips, healthy recipes and advice!

Sign up for a FREE membership and click JOIN to have me as your Beachbody coach!

“There are 7 days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them.” Stop “wishing!” and start “doing!”


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