Why Beachbody?


Hi! I am a 52 year old personal trainer, NFL fanatic and Beachbody Coach, married for 33 wonderful years and just became a first time Mimi to a precious granddaughter, Ryan Jo!! Life is great!!

Thanks to my son and husband, I was introduced to the Beachbody workouts. I religiously rode my spin bike cheering them on while they tackled the P90X workouts! I was impressed and thought “this is great stuff,” but I just continued doing cardio I found boring and strength training I seemed to only make interesting for my clients, but not for me!!!

This past January, my son and I did P90X3 and I was hooked! I loved the challenging workouts that shocked my body into better shape than ever, loved the yummy Shakeology, and I lost 2.5 inches off my hips! My core is stronger than ever and I never did one traditional situp!! And Justin lost 25 pounds–GO JUSTIN!

Initially I signed up as a coach to receive the 25% product discount but then I knew I wanted so much more. I wanted to share my story and pay it forward by helping others reach their goals!

Coming from a personal training background, I am able to match you to the right exercise and proper eating programs so you reach your personal goals. And I can say that Beachbody products work! I have seen the results personally with both the exercise programs–P90X3 and 21 Day Fix— and drinking Shakeology.

Having me as your Coach, you will be invited into a private Facebook Challenge Group where you will be united with women <I do offer separate men’s groups as well> –taking charge of their health, working towards their ultimate goal but who need that big PUSH and accountability. The purpose of the group is to encourage one another, keep everyone accountable, motivated, and make it a fun experience! I am an active participator and I am there to answer any questions, keep you focused and on track as well as offering tips, healthy recipes and advice!

I am looking for more men and women like myself who want to get fit, inspire and help others do the same, and even make a living for themselves from home.

Sign me up as your personal coach. Just email me or go to my site!! marymonrowe@yahoo.com


Stop saying “I wish”and start saying “I will!”

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