Large and in charge!


I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my I Phone 6 + for the last 37 days. My other phone was so frequently misbehaving that of late, I’d started giving it a piece of my mind almost on a daily basis!

But it arrived today!! My NEW phone!! YAY for me!

Now, let me just say–desperate times call for desperate measures……

I was so excited my phone was arriving this afternoon that I answered the door with dark mahogany brown color saturating my hair AND eyebrows. <Can you say Groucho Marx?>

I only cared a little bit. I was just a wee bit embarrassed. So I opened the door while saying “I’m sorry. I’m coloring my hair but yay! My new phone!” I grabbed the box.

The polite Fed-Ex gentleman smiled and said “You look beautiful.” Ah!!! So sweet and yes, untrue, but I smiled back and giggled!

But, I have my new phone and am so excited to get it running so I can take awesome pictures and SEE the texts thanks to extra big fonts!

And no, I have no intentions of posting a selfie of me sporting my haircoloring. Only Larry and the Fed-Ex man have THAT priviledge! 🙂