Because You’re Worth It! That’s Why!

*Increase Energy & Metabolism *
*Improve Mood and Stamina*
*Improve Health Conditions *
*Improve YOU!*

I am looking for 4-5 women to mentor in my private on line challenge group who are ready to make changes! And all in the comfort of your own home!

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Take that first step. Decide to make healthier choices.
Together we can do this.

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I highly recommend it to anyone interested! The workouts are fun, quick, and the eating plan makes it super easy. I lost 17lbs and feel amazing! Brandi G

I’ll have another “cocktail” please!

We’re all supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  I find that some of my clients at both my Training Studio and my Beachbody Groups find it challenging to consume that much  water because it can be so bland.  BLEH  I get it.  I need something with a kick of flavor and zest too!!

Sooooooooooo…..Check out these 8 delicious ways to infuse fruit into the water while adding extra health benefits too!



*Strawberry, Basil & Lemon:     helps boost immunity

* Pineapple, Orange & Mint:     helps stabilize blood sugar and reduce inflammation

*Blueberries & Orange:    promotes healthier skin and clean free radicals out of your system

*Cucumber & Pomegranate:     helps manage stress <everybody’s got a little of that!> and bloating

* Grapefruit & Rosemary:    this one is so yummy and has tons of vitamin C which helps your body turn fat into fuel

* Pear & Ginger:      aids in digestion

* Blackberry & Sage:     supports total relaxation — AHHHHH!

*Raspberry, Mango & Lime:     Another tasty one — aids in disease prevention

Water infused with fruits and herbs not only increases your hydration, it also helps  detoxify your body <whoohoo!> and boost your energy <I certainly need help in this area with my adorable granddaughter!>.

Ok….let’s all get started on those 8 glasses of aqua NOW!  Just choose that favorite water bottle or glass and place as many fruit/herbs as desired into water, let it sit for 30-45 minutes and enjoy!