Post Workout Refueling




The importance of having a post-workout snack?
Don’t be tempted to skip refueling after a grueling workout. Your body needs to replenish its depleted stores of glycogen, electrolytes, and fluids. It also needs to repair damaged muscle tissue and build new tissue for a toned, strong body.
Replenishing your body’s energy stores will allow a faster recovery and build more metabolism-boosting muscle. More muscle equals more calories burned! Feel the BURN!
You’ll need to be mindful about your post-workout snack especially if you’re exercising to lose weight. Choosing a high-calorie food or a sports drink (I am not an advocate) only adds unwanted calories.
Consuming a healthy snack within 15 minutes after exercise is most optimal.
Pick one that’s under 150 calories, provides 10 to 20 grams of protein and 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates (if the workout was an hour or more).
(Keep in mind if your workout was under 20 minutes, it is still wise to refuel but with a snack that is under 150 calories).

MY GO TO SNACK is typically my dense nutrition shake which has everything in it that I need for proper post workout recovery. Mixed with unsweetened almond milk and water, I may also add a 1/2 banana and PB2; depending on the intensity of my workout.
Half a medium apple with two ounces of vanilla Greek yogurt, 1 t. of peanut butter, topped with sliced grapes
Four ounces low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 1/2 C cup fresh blueberries or strawberries
20 baby carrots with two tablespoons hummus
One small banana or 1/2 a large one with eight raw almonds
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