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What Happens in that Drawer??


This is my Italian Greyhound’s harness.  Don’t judge him on his selection of NFL football teams. Might not be your choice of teams, but I assure you he’s devoted and never misses a game and he truly is one of the most awesome dogs you’ll ever meet! 🙂
But I’m not here to talk football to you — not today anyway — I am here to ask the question — when I put his harness into the drawer, how in the hell does it get twisted to the point that my little brain cannot unwind it to its proper position?  What happens in that drawer? Playful gremlins? What?

I tried everything — I started by putting it on Poe then forcing him to stand perfectly still while I fumed aloud and got no where.  Off it came and away Poe ran to the safety of a nearby room. <I did see him peer around the corner shortly after but then disappear again.>  So I found another harness to use as a pattern in hopes of it instructing me on the error of my ways.  Nope.  Nothing.  Still twisted, still outwitting me, still frustrated!

Ok, the thing’s just broken.  Forever twisted.  The powers above have way too much time on their hands and have beaten me down.  You win.  Who cares? Ok whatever.  We won’t go on a walk!  I’ll chase Poe around the house while growling at him for today’s exercise! I throw the damn stupid, twisted harness to the damn living room floor in hopes my hubby stumbles upon it, gives it a quick look and “tada!!!” The harness isn’t twisted anymore!!  YAY we can go on a walk tomorrow Poe!!!  Mama won’t be pissed, frustrated and yelling!!!  Daddy saves the day!!!

But God help me if I open that drawer tomorrow and that damn harness is twisted……you will hear me scream!

Unintended Consequences of Food Substitutions

Health and Nutrition

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 I am a member of IDEA Health & Fitness and will share what I personally find pertinent for you, my health conscious crazies!! 

Unintended Consequences of Food Substitutions

Life is always a series of tradeoffs, but you may have unintended nutritional consequences when you substitute one food for another. In the quest to cut calories, sugar, cholesterol or fat, you can sacrifice important nutrients. Here’s a look at the cost of common food swaps:

Egg Whites for Whole Eggs

An egg white omelet is a high-protein, low-fat breakfast much loved by fitness enthusiasts and dieters. While egg whites are healthy, egg yolks are the real goldmine of nutrients. Half of the protein in an egg is in the yolk, along with all of the vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B12, plus the minerals choline, iron and zinc. The yolk does contain all the cholesterol, but eggs are very low in saturated fat —the fat that has the most impact on blood cholesterol. A large egg has 215 milligrams of cholesterol and one whole egg a day is within the dietary guidelines for healthy adults. So, next time you want an egg for breakfast, don’t toss the yolk.

Almond Milk for Dairy or Soy Milk

Plant-based milks are all the rage, but did you know that almond milk has only 1 gram of protein per cup, compared with 8 grams for cow or soy milk? Getting sufficient protein at breakfast is a challenge for many of us, so if you are a cereal-and-milk lover, remember that almond milk on your Wheaties won’t deliver a protein punch. Almond milk is also short on potassium at 120 milligrams, compared with 382 milligrams in cow’s milk and 287 milligrams in soy milk. Potassium is a shortfall nutrient in the diets of many Americans, so a good breakfast strategy is a whole-grain, high-fiber cereal with dairy or soy milk. You can toss in a few whole almonds to boost the nutrients without shortchanging your protein or potassium intake.

Popcorn for Nuts

Popcorn is a whole grain and that’s the good news, but nuts deliver so much more. All nuts are healthful, providing protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients that popcorn can’t deliver. Studies have also found that a small portion of nuts is high on the satiety scale, meaning they help you feel full longer. Movie theater popcorn is especially high in calories and added fat. The Center for Science in the Public Interest found that a medium popcorn ranged in calories from 600 to 1,200 (9 cups to 20 cups) across three movie theatre chains. To be sure, nuts are high in calories and eating a whole bag of smoked, salted almonds or dark chocolate-coated pecans can sabotage a healthy diet, but a small handful is a good snack to curb hunger and to add variety to a salad, a grain or vegetable dish.

Post-Workout Whey Protein Shake for Real Protein-Rich Food

Whey is one of two milk proteins (the other is casein) and is an excellent source of branched-chain amino acids such as leucine, which appears to be an anabolic trigger to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. However, whey protein shakes are the not the only way to get the anabolic effects. Real food delivers high-quality protein and leucine, often at a fraction of the cost. Milk has been studied as a recovery beverage and found to be a good delivery vehicle for amino acids, with the added bonus of providing naturally occurring sugar (lactose) and a host of vitamins and minerals. Another good real food option is cottage cheese; a cup of low-fat cottage cheese has 28 grams of protein (most of it whey). Pair it with fresh fruit (pineapple, peaches or melon) and you’ve got a perfect recovery snack with more nutrients than your shake (and I’ll wager it tastes better, too).
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Never An Impossibility!


I know I can feel this way sometimes. I decide to start a project and am really excited about it only to talk myself completely out of doing it in a matter of minutes because it’s

going to be way too hard, or take longer than I realize, or god forbid, it might take me out of my comfort zone.

So it doesn’t get done. Heck, I never even allowed myself to start and then surprise, surprise! Guilt and a sense of failure seep in.

But the other day I thought, why am I stopping myself? So what if I am challenged? So what if reaching that place I want to get to takes time and so what if I’m forced out of my safe, boring comfort zone? If I don’t at least push myself to TRY then the only person I’m failing is ME. Well that doesn’t sound very nice, does it?

And so I started. I began writing again and sharing my words in a blog. Words don’t always come so easily but that’s ok, the challenge is feeling good. And although I’m still in the process of creating that perfect blog template masterpiece, I’ve got time. Pushing the Publish icon still makes me uncomfortable but am better every time I do because it’s ok if no one likes what I have to say. I’m doing it for ME and it feels good!! And I’m getting it DONE!!!

Now I know we’ve all felt this way when it comes to exercising. How do I make the time? I’ll never reach my goals because it’s too challenging, and man, I hate sweating and gasping for breath! It’s way too uncomfortable!

But we need to exercise. We need it to reap its benefits of keeping healthy, making our bodies AND hearts stronger and feeling good!!! We do it to prove to ourselves that we can. We must make the time for US, we must challenge ourselves because VICTORY feels damn good and we must push through the sweat, the labored breathing, any moments of discomfort because we CAN DO IT!!

So when you think you can’t start that exercise program because you might fail, it will take up time and make you feel uncomfortable, just remember—it may seem impossible at first but you can do it! Once you start for YOU and keep pushing forward, and when you reach that goal that seemed so unattainable, you will look back and think, “I did it!!! I got it done!” Nothing is ever impossible! And when you feel like quitting—remember why YOU started!


Why Beachbody?


Hi! I am a 52 year old personal trainer, NFL fanatic and Beachbody Coach, married for 33 wonderful years and just became a first time Mimi to a precious granddaughter, Ryan Jo!! Life is great!!

Thanks to my son and husband, I was introduced to the Beachbody workouts. I religiously rode my spin bike cheering them on while they tackled the P90X workouts! I was impressed and thought “this is great stuff,” but I just continued doing cardio I found boring and strength training I seemed to only make interesting for my clients, but not for me!!!

This past January, my son and I did P90X3 and I was hooked! I loved the challenging workouts that shocked my body into better shape than ever, loved the yummy Shakeology, and I lost 2.5 inches off my hips! My core is stronger than ever and I never did one traditional situp!! And Justin lost 25 pounds–GO JUSTIN!

Initially I signed up as a coach to receive the 25% product discount but then I knew I wanted so much more. I wanted to share my story and pay it forward by helping others reach their goals!

Coming from a personal training background, I am able to match you to the right exercise and proper eating programs so you reach your personal goals. And I can say that Beachbody products work! I have seen the results personally with both the exercise programs–P90X3 and 21 Day Fix— and drinking Shakeology.

Having me as your Coach, you will be invited into a private Facebook Challenge Group where you will be united with women <I do offer separate men’s groups as well> –taking charge of their health, working towards their ultimate goal but who need that big PUSH and accountability. The purpose of the group is to encourage one another, keep everyone accountable, motivated, and make it a fun experience! I am an active participator and I am there to answer any questions, keep you focused and on track as well as offering tips, healthy recipes and advice!

I am looking for more men and women like myself who want to get fit, inspire and help others do the same, and even make a living for themselves from home.

Sign me up as your personal coach. Just email me or go to my site!!


Stop saying “I wish”and start saying “I will!”