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Large and in charge!


I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my I Phone 6 + for the last 37 days. My other phone was so frequently misbehaving that of late, I’d started giving it a piece of my mind almost on a daily basis!

But it arrived today!! My NEW phone!! YAY for me!

Now, let me just say–desperate times call for desperate measures……

I was so excited my phone was arriving this afternoon that I answered the door with dark mahogany brown color saturating my hair AND eyebrows. <Can you say Groucho Marx?>

I only cared a little bit. I was just a wee bit embarrassed. So I opened the door while saying “I’m sorry. I’m coloring my hair but yay! My new phone!” I grabbed the box.

The polite Fed-Ex gentleman smiled and said “You look beautiful.” Ah!!! So sweet and yes, untrue, but I smiled back and giggled!

But, I have my new phone and am so excited to get it running so I can take awesome pictures and SEE the texts thanks to extra big fonts!

And no, I have no intentions of posting a selfie of me sporting my haircoloring. Only Larry and the Fed-Ex man have THAT priviledge! 🙂

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy


Masterful words that can be applied in all aspects of our lives.  START reaching that future you’ve only thought of!  Make it HAPPEN!! 


The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny.  Simple, every day decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default.   Let The Compound Effect help create the success you want in life, relationships and business.

This book is helping me pursue my personal training and Beachbody Health Coach career with all forward steps so that I can continuing being the BEST that I can be!

Screw You!!

When you say “have a good day”—mean it!

I have a lovely 87 year old client who faithfully comes for her training twice a week and has been for more than 7 years. My younger clients aspire to working out at her age, and I am right there with them.  She attends church and Bible Study weekly; even has the pastor over for Sunday dinners and family is important.  Her gentle disposition and inviting smile makes us all enjoy being in her presence.
Joan shows a spunky side and at 87, has certainly earned the right to speak her mind. There’s no exception when at my Training Studio.  Now, she attempts any exercise I throw at her <well, ok, not burpies or plyo pushups but she still completes 50 squats on the flat side of the BOSU, thank you very much!> However, during certain exercises she will say one of my favorite things — “well that’s enough of that!” She’ll declare it with such conviction and an absolutely adorable straight face.
Today though, Joan caught me a little off guard. Having just finished stretching her, I said, “Thanks so much, Joan! Have a good day!” She responded with “You too, Krissy” while gulping down the rest of her water from her Dixie cup. But then she added: “You know, sometimes when people I don’t know say to me, “Have a good day, I just want to say SCREW YOU!”
I think I said, huh? with my mouth remaining open. And not once, but twice—huh? huh? In a soft voice she continued, “when some people you don’t know say that to you, they are only doing it by rote; they don’t mean it, so I just want to say screw you!”
Ok then! Ha! Never expected that from her! But she made me realize that we really should be aware about what we say and truly mean it.
So if you find yourself half heartedly saying, “Have a good day”– best mean it! You may get a response of “screw you” and it may be Joan!
Have a good day!!!

What Happens in that Drawer??


This is my Italian Greyhound’s harness.  Don’t judge him on his selection of NFL football teams. Might not be your choice of teams, but I assure you he’s devoted and never misses a game and he truly is one of the most awesome dogs you’ll ever meet! 🙂
But I’m not here to talk football to you — not today anyway — I am here to ask the question — when I put his harness into the drawer, how in the hell does it get twisted to the point that my little brain cannot unwind it to its proper position?  What happens in that drawer? Playful gremlins? What?

I tried everything — I started by putting it on Poe then forcing him to stand perfectly still while I fumed aloud and got no where.  Off it came and away Poe ran to the safety of a nearby room. <I did see him peer around the corner shortly after but then disappear again.>  So I found another harness to use as a pattern in hopes of it instructing me on the error of my ways.  Nope.  Nothing.  Still twisted, still outwitting me, still frustrated!

Ok, the thing’s just broken.  Forever twisted.  The powers above have way too much time on their hands and have beaten me down.  You win.  Who cares? Ok whatever.  We won’t go on a walk!  I’ll chase Poe around the house while growling at him for today’s exercise! I throw the damn stupid, twisted harness to the damn living room floor in hopes my hubby stumbles upon it, gives it a quick look and “tada!!!” The harness isn’t twisted anymore!!  YAY we can go on a walk tomorrow Poe!!!  Mama won’t be pissed, frustrated and yelling!!!  Daddy saves the day!!!

But God help me if I open that drawer tomorrow and that damn harness is twisted……you will hear me scream!